Deathstars :: Z7, Pratteln


30 October, 2014


concert venue

 Z7 Pratteln

photo camera allowed?

NO. Access only with photo pass. 3 Songs, no flash!

my chosen photo equipment

  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III
  • Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II




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Swedish metal band Avatar did a powerful gig

Avatar is definitely a band which is worth to see live. If you ever have the opportunity go and see them live! Singer Johannes Eckerström is a smart, handsome guy who knows how to entertain and get the audience. Lucky, suddenly towards end of the show we could smell someting like a freakshow. As Avatar played that track, people really freaked out. This was just a grandious feeling, hope I did get a bit of this moment for you in the one audience pic from behind.

This gig was part of "Wacken meets Pratteln" and took place on the smaller of the two stages. Personally, I appreciate smaller gigs as you can be close to the artists. Furthermore, in interest of a concert photographer, you can shoot the whole concert.
So, shooting Avatar this night was a bit like a challenge caused by the light setting. Through hard white ultra-short flashes you wouldnt be able to control your shoots on the display if you're getting half blind.
This time I grabbed also and since a longer time my 1.8 F 85mm. Especially in dark environments a plus. But most of the pics I managed with my always-on-lense brilliant baby the 24-70mm.

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